New Safety Grades Highlight the Best and Worst Hospitals for Patient Safety Across the U.S.

A new study by The Leapfrog Group has revealed the latest safety grades for nearly 3,000 U.S. general hospitals, highlighting the need for continued efforts to improve patient safety and healthcare outcomes.

Additional highlights from the spring 2023 Safety Grades include:


      • Twenty-nine percent of hospitals received an “A,” 26% received a “B,” 39% received a “C,” 6% received a “D,” and less than 1% received an “F.”

      • The top ten states with the highest percentages of “A” hospitals are: New Jersey, Idaho, Utah, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, North Carolina, South Carolina, Colorado, Virginia, and Massachusetts.

      • There were no “A” hospitals in Delaware, District of Columbia, or North Dakota.

    The Leapfrog Hospital Safety Grade is the only hospital ratings program based exclusively on hospital prevention of medical errors and harms to patients. The grading system assigns a letter grade to nearly 3,000 U.S. general hospitals. It is fully transparent and free to the public, and grades are updated biannually in the fall and in the spring.

    These findings highlight the importance of transparency and continued efforts to improve patient safety and healthcare outcomes. By prioritizing patient safety and working to prevent medical errors and harms, healthcare providers can help ensure that patients receive the high-quality care they deserve.

    The Leapfrog Group’s Safety Grade program provides a valuable tool for patients and healthcare providers alike, allowing for better understanding and awareness of hospital safety measures. The program encourages hospitals to prioritize patient safety and work towards achieving the highest possible safety grades.

    Moving forward, it is important for hospitals to continue to invest in infection prevention measures, increase staffing levels, and provide emotional support to healthcare workers. By doing so, hospitals can help improve patient outcomes and maintain high safety grades.

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